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Masterpiece of plastic bottle mould forming technology

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Masterpiece of plastic bottle mould forming technology

Masterpiece of plastic bottle mould forming technology

In the plastic bottle mold forming technology, the molding technology of the blow mold is one of the three major plastic processing technologies, and this technology is widely used in the production of hollow thin-walled plastic parts of thermoplastics. This blow mold has been widely used in electronics, leisure sports, office supplies, automation equipment, automotive industry, packaging industry and other fields. The following is a detailed analysis of the representative work of plastic bottle mold forming technology. Blow molds mainly include two types, one is extrusion plastic blow mold, and the other is stretch plastic blow mold. The extruded plastic blow molds are used in containers of various sizes and shapes, and are also suitable for the production of hollow parts with different rules and complexities for use in automobiles, office automation equipment and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, stretch plastic blow molds are used in the production of commercial plastic bottles, mainly used in food packaging, beverage packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

        The molding process of blow molding is a common molding method in production containers and hollow products, mainly including rotational molding. The quantitative powder is placed in a plastic blow mold, and then the mold is clamped, and they are placed together in an oven for selective heating. When the plastic blow mold is rotated, the material will adhere to the surface of the mold and adhere. On the top, they are made to have a certain thickness, and finally the mold is taken out of the oven and placed in a cooling chamber for cooling processing. The desired hollow product can be obtained by taking out the formed layer.

        The blow molding technology mentioned here is suitable for the production of large-volume, high-strength products such as automobiles, ventilation ducts, pressure vessels, electric wires, cable troughs, and the like. When the structural strength of the product we need is high, this method can also be used for processing.

        In the actual design and manufacturing process, the blow mold need to be processed article, the article is determined at the structure, on the appearance of the product and manufacturing cost was assessed by analyzing the feasibility of processing, so that the production of the targeted to mold plastic bottles .


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