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Deep analysis of the development status of PET transparent plastic bottles

date:2019-08-24 hits:121

Deep analysis of the development status of PET transparent plastic bottles

The mainstream products of domestic PET transparent plastic bottles are initially limited to packaging containers for beverages such as cola, mineral water, distilled water, etc., and their applications are generally welcomed by users for their excellent performance and reasonable price. On the basis of successful application, PET bottles have been expanded in recent years in the application of heat-resistant bottled beverages such as black tea, green tea, fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, and pesticides.

    In polyester packaging containers, another product that deserves high attention in the industry is the APET sheet thermoformed container mentioned above. It has the advantages of less one-time investment, less process difficulty, excellent product performance, low price and wide application. It has huge development space and should increase the development of APET thermoforming containers.

    China's polyester containers are currently mainly limited to biaxially stretched polyester blow molded bottles. China's two-way stretch polyester blow molding bottles started late in the plastic packaging industry, but since the introduction of the injection-blown PET bottle production line in Japan in the 1980s, it has achieved good results in beverage packaging represented by Coke. Subsequently, a large number of foreign advanced injection-blown PET bottle production equipment were introduced. At the same time, on the basis of digesting foreign advanced technology, a two-step PET stretch blow molding machine with independent intellectual property rights and suitable for China's national conditions was constructed. It is used in conjunction with a universal injection machine to blow PET preforms from PET preforms made from universal injection machines.

In the domestic two-step biaxial stretching PET bottle blowing machine, some models can not only produce ordinary PET biaxial stretching bottles, but also heat-resistant biaxially stretched PET bottles. The volume of products that can be produced basically covers the volume. Imported equipment can produce a wide range of fields from tens of milliliters vials to 5 gallon vats. These simple blow molding machines not only have the advantages of low cost and strong maneuverability, but also can produce biaxially stretched PET blown bottles of good quality and practicality when properly controlled, and thus have been widely recognized by the plastic processing industry at home and abroad. In addition to a large number of domestic use, it has been partially exported.

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