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Baked goods box

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Baked goods box

Baked food companies are increasingly favoring the use of transparent boxes for packaging. The transparent plastic boxes have a unique and transparent advantage! The products are packaged in the product to make them clear at a glance. The transparent plastic products used in the early days are simple in packaging and soft in packaging. Not upscale. Later, the PS injection box was gradually used. Due to the high transparency of the PS injection box, the product can be displayed in all directions. The thickness of the product can be adjusted by using the injection molding process. The product feels hard and looks very high-end, and is also very popular among consumers. Many chocolate factories and Baked goods factories are all packaged in PS boxes. However, the PS injection molding box has a fatal flaw, which is easy to fall. In order to solve this problem, the thickness requirement of the product is relatively thick, and the packaging process is often broken during transportation, resulting in an increase in cost. The food factory urgently needs to find alternatives. At this time, the PET injection box appeared. The PET plastic box was transparent and could not be broken. The thickness of the box was not as thick as the PS box, saving material, and the price was slightly lower than the PS box. Many companies have changed to PET injection boxes, and there is a trend to replace PS boxes.

Since the production process of PET injection box is more complicated than that of PS injection box, there are not many enterprises that can form scale production, and the original production of PS injection box enterprises gradually withdraw from the competition in this market because they do not understand PET technology.

PET injection molding boxes are currently limited to companies that have opened PET plastic bottles. They have PET injection molding technology and can be produced by using existing equipment. The cost of investment is low, and it is logical to get the market. cake. The baked food packaging box has gradually transitioned from the original PS material to the PET material.

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