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How to choose a quality plastic container?

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How to choose a quality plastic container?

The use of plastic containers is very common in our lives, water buckets, cups, including plastic water tanks. The storage of fresh food and the plastic basin for cleaning clothes belong to the category of plastic containers. The quality of plastic containers is closely related to our lives. The plastic container is light in weight, not easy to be broken, and is not easily oxidized and corroded, and can be used continuously. However, the harmful substances doped in a good plastic container in the production process will be relatively qualified and will not cause harm to the human body, so When we choose plastic containers, there are small tricks.

1. When buying a plastic container, pay attention to the appearance of the plastic container to see if it is damaged, especially if you look at the thickness of the plastic container, and whether there are black spots on the surface of the container.

2. Because the main material of plastic containers is a variety of chemical compounds, chemical compounds will emit harmful substances in case of extreme conditions, and must be carefully selected when selecting. There is a small mark under each plastic container, usually at the bottom of the plastic container, a small triangle with 1 to 7 numbers in the small triangle. Each number represents a different material, and we can choose a plastic container based on the number.

3. Smell the smell of plastic containers. Generally, the plastic container tastes better than the plastic with poor quality. The taste of the device is light, and the plastic taste of the bad quality container is relatively strong.

4. When choosing a plastic container, you should pay attention to its color, look at the sun, view from the side, if it is turbid, it is better than the transparent one, which means that the chemical composition of this inclusion is relatively small.

These points are just a small experience that I have accumulated in buying plastic containers. The widespread use of plastic containers makes us know more about its important role. When we feel the convenience of it, when we are cheap, we should also buy cheap products. Good plastic container.

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