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Pesticide packaging waste is difficult to handle Degradable materials are promising

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Pesticide packaging waste is difficult to handle Degradable materials are promising

On September 27th, the “Administrative Measures on the Recycling of Pesticide Packaging Wastes (Draft for Comment)” drafted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China began to solicit opinions from the public.

In fact, the recycling of pesticide packaging has been in some embarrassing situation. Unlike the packaging of products used in our daily lives, pesticide packaging is a toxic waste and requires special handling. However, many farmers habitually dispose of pesticide packaging containers in the natural environment such as fields and rivers, causing pollution to the environment such as soil, water and air. Therefore, pollution of pesticide packaging waste has become a heart disease in environmental pollution.

At present, the pesticide packaging sold in the domestic market is mainly composed of four kinds of materials: glass, plastic, metal, paper and plastic, among which plastic materials account for the largest proportion, accounting for more than 50% of the pesticide packaging industry. These plastic packagings are usually presented in flexible packaging in the form of plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastics and aluminum foil, and materials such as ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer and polyethylene terephthalate are used to make the packaging better. Barrier. But the headache is that the recycling of this package is very difficult to recycle.

For the packaging of such multi-layer high-barrier materials and aluminum foil laminated structures with polyethylene (PE) layers, reasonable recovery is necessary to separate the different materials for each layer. Moreover, for the packaging of pesticides, steps such as harmless treatment are involved. There are not many enterprises in China that have the qualifications for handling pesticide packaging waste, and it is several times or even hundreds of times higher than conventional plastic processing. It is also a test for the financial pressure of related enterprises and local governments.

Previously, the "Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture on the Public Consultation on the Management Measures for t

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