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Tell you what the number on your plastic bottle bottom

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Tell you what the number on your plastic bottle bottom
A lot of plastic containers have one ID number- a triangle symbol, is printed on the bottom of the plastic containers. It is No1-No7. Each Numbers represent a plastic container’s difference, such as the material and the taboos. 
1. PET
The common bottles are mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles.  Heat-resistant is 70 ℃,  if exceed 70 ℃, there are harmful substances melt out. In ten months later, it may release the carcinogen DEHP. It cannot be put in a car in the sun; do not install the wine, oil and other related materials.
The common bottles are white pill bottles, cleaning packaging, and bath bottles. Then do not use as cups, or used for contain other items. If cleaning is not complete, do not recycle. 
3: PVC
Its common usage is raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box. Good plasticity and cheap price,but heat-resistant is 81 ° C. If high temperature, easy to produce bad substances, so it is rarely used in food packaging. Difficult to clean and easy residues, do not recycle. If fond it in drink water, DONOT buy. 
4: PE
Common used for plastic wrap, plastic film. High temperatures to produce harmful substances, toxins enter the body with food, may cause breast cancer, birth defects and other diseases. Do not wrap into the microwave.
5: PP
The common bottles are milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, microwave meal. A high melting point of 167 ° C , it is the only plastic box that can place in microwave. It can be reused after careful cleaning. It should be noted, some microwave meal box body manufacture the 5th PP, but the lid is manufactured to the 3st PE. PE can not withstand high temperatures, it can not be put in the box body microwave.
6: PS
Common bottles are noodles box, snack box. It need to avoid high temperature and release of chemicals if into the microwave oven. Acid loading (such as orange juice), alkaline substances, will break down carcinogens. Avoid hot foods packaged in snack box. Do not use the microwave to cook instant noodles bowl.
7: PC and others
Common bottles are water bottle, space cup and milk bottle. It is often used by department store to be a gift. It is easily release toxic substances bisphenol A, which is harmful to human being. Do not heat when use it,and not basked in sunlight.
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